I believe I was put on this planet to help people overcome hard obstacles so I’m gonna become a psychotherapist. In the meantime, I hope this blog can resonate with someone or help someone. I have a combination of education, work and lived experience with mental health. I have a Bachelor of Arts and Science (BA.Sc) in Psychology and am working on a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology as of May 2020! I used to work in 6 different group homes for people with developmental delays, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and addictions. I also used to work crisis respite and really, as weird as it is to say, I thrive in crisis situations. But, being a worker, I’ve been able to hear the stigma that some mental health workers still carry.

But what about lived experience? I struggle with:

  • Bipolar 2 (BP2)

  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

  • Dysthmia (aka Persistent Depressive Disorder)

  • Eating Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (ED-NOS)

  • PTSD

  • chronic insomnia and

  • chronic migraines (chronic pain disorder).

  • And maybe a touch of body dysmorphia? (undiagnosed as of now but man…).

I have been in the mental health system, I have experienced both the good and the ugly. I have had a crisis line social worker not believe me because of my diagnosis (BPD) and experienced that stigma first-hand. But that experience taught me what I’ll never do.





I am a cannabis enthusiast (I’m Canadian; it’s legal) and use it everyday to help alleviate many symptoms of my disorders. Lately, it’s been mostly just to alleviate my insomnia. The chronic insomnia makes sleep very hard to come by but it helps me out every night! Sleep helps keep my mood disorders manageable. So… it’s kind of really important to me 😓 I also use it when I have pain flare ups to make them more manageable and improve my ablility to function. In the past, I’ve use it for my mood as well. I cannot afford to do that right now, but I do miss being productive during the day. 

I’ve also been medicated for the past 10 years which has honestly been both terrible and great. The amount of doctors and psychiatrists I have seen has been amazing and insightful. The side effects got to extremes. I have been through many different therapies and love to share my skills. I’m writing this blog for anyone that wants to relate to a very depressed stoner and (bonus!) get some real tips that work. And I know they work because I’ve done the therapy (still) and I’ve noticed a marked difference. I promise. I thought it was bullshit too.

I want to share this with everyone because I honestly think that these skills should be taught to everyone in schools at young ages. You don’t really need a diagnosis to learn some effective communication and emotional regulation skills. It would literally benefit everyone and build self-esteems but what do I know? 

I’m hoping this blog serves as a way for me to keep track, stay focused and keep growing. 

You can find me on insta @sadst0nertherapy

Let’s see where this goes,